For the Zaboglio House(loft apartment) the rates are $110 per night for 2 people. Each extra person is $15 a night. Total taxes are 5.5%. 
The House (loft) has room for 10 people per night.
Weekly Rate:  $550.00 for one person plus tax.
Monthly Rate:  $2000.00 for one person, no tax.

The Front Room (executive suite) has room for 3 people per night.
The rate is $80 per night for 2 people, $90 for 3 people.  Total taxes are 5.5%.

Price per night, for one person in the motel is $50.   Each extra person is $10 per night.  Total taxes are 5.5%.
The motel rooms can accomodate 3 people per night.
Weekly Rate:   $266.00  for one person plus tax.
Monthly Rate:   $900.00 for one person.  no tax.

For the motel or house, 48 hour cancellation policy applies.  608-689-2339 for reservations 9am--9pm.
Al's catch, Spring, 2015.
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